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Jo Chern

Jo began her career in fitness later in life, inspired by the relief from back pain and stress she found in being stronger and more grounded, bringing with her the approaches honed in her first career as a university writing teacher: education, empathy and humor. When her writing students would say “I hate writing,” Jo’s response quite truthfully was “Me too. It’s hard work.” Now when her clients tell her “I’d rather be curled up on the couch with tea and a book,” Jo can just as honestly respond, “Me too. But I also want more from life for as long as that life might be.”

For Jo, that’s what being fitter and stronger brings: the ability to do everything you want in your day to day life with strength, confidence and courage. That might mean gardening all day without suffering for two days after; running (or at least striding) after the grandkids when you take them to the park or—as one of Jo’s clients at age 72 expressed his goal--“fly fishing and using my chain saw.” You won’t get any bootcamp style training with Jo but you will find thoughtful core, strength, and flexibility training, sound nutrition and lifestyle counseling and a trainer who listens to you and personalizes training to your body and life. Her studio name says much about her style: “Small Change Personal Training.”

Jo holds certifications from The American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer, Health Coach (lifestyle and nutrition) and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (bad backs, knees, shoulders, anyone?) and in Senior Fitness. She is also certified as a QiGong and Taoist Meditation instructor through The Santa Cruz Chi Center and is the director of The QiGong Center of South Central Wisconsin.