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Kristin Haanstad

BS Exercise Science, ACE

I have been in the fitness industry since 2001. I have had the opportunity to work with a large clientele from a wide variety of backgrounds and fitness levels, each with unique individual goals. I design and teach fitness programs for individual clients, partner training, as well as full class settings. 

I really enjoy my hands-on work with my clients, not only taking them through their exercise program but giving them all the guidance they need to help them stay focused on their goals… accomplish their goals… and realize what they really can do.

A good personal trainer has taken the proper steps and the time to educate themselves on exercise, fitness, and health. A good personal trainer has the necessary tools to pass his or her education on to you, their client. Your personal trainer’s job is to design and teach you the correct goal-oriented fitness program, the reasoning behind that program, and the proper technique and form to execute that program. Because of the knowledge your trainer gives you, you will stay motivated to follow the program designed for you and you will stay motivated to continue to learn more… giving you a healthier body and lifestyle along the way.