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Poppy Niosi

ACE (Americal Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, LesMills BODYPUMP Instructor, LesMills BODYCOMBAT Instructor, POUNDfit Instructor, Silver Sneakers Instructor

My Mission: 
"It can be done!" I know that change can and will happen with dedication, perseverance and motivation. I am here to ignite that in you. I am here to guide and motivate you to achieve and maintain your goals and enjoy doing it! 

Areas I specialize in: 
Strength and endurance training, small group training, functional fitness and programming for all fitness levels.

My Training Philosophy: 
Poppy's Four Ps. 

PURPOSE. There is a reason for the training - a goal, an end result, something. We identify that in the initial consultation and we work toward it through customized training. 

PRECISION. Picture the inner workings of a machine. Every part has to perform perfectly for the machine to work, properly.  Our bodies are machines, and if our parts aren’t working with precision, they ultimately affect the whole kinetic chain and we start to deteriorate, injure ourselves, etc. When we train we focus on each movement and how to execute it with be best form for the best possible results. 

PATIENCE. Fitness and strength do not happen overnight. We have to build and stretch and train the body. Once proper form – precision – is in place, we focus on the range of motion. When the ability to reach full range of motion with good form, then we add weight/resistance. It’s a process, and a process takes time.

PROMISE. If purpose, precision, and patience are identified and applied, then the promise of results is fulfilled.